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Welcome to, your online information resource and guide for the design of custom home theater rooms and systems! Created for home theatre enthusiasts of all levels and in consideration of the growing complexity of home theater design in today's homes coupled with the accelerated technological growth of HT systems, our objective is simple -- to be your single, authoritative source for information regarding planning, room and system design, and construction and development. A comprehensive guide to building a custom home theater should represent a broad base of information, presented in such a way that any user can jump in and quickly and easily understand the topic being discussed and begin to apply it to their own design concept. We aim to do this for you and all other enthusiasts in our community.

Are you ready to get started? Start here for your introduction to home theater design. If you're a return (and hopefully frequent) visitor to our site, please check out some of the popular and new articles we have for you to look at below.

Custom Home Theater Design

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The Best Home Theater Design Information

Just imagine...Grab your popcorn and drink, kick back in your seat, cut the lights, draw back the curtains, crank up the sound, and start the movie! Feel the bass rumble as you're watching the big screen with a crisp picture full of vibrant colors. Plasma TVs or LED TVs?...Or perhaps a projector? Leather seats with cupholders....Yeah, but with stadium seating...Go ahead, fill in the details for what you want. It does not have to be merely a dream, it can certainly be a reality!

Building a media room that reflects your own style and personality is no different than building a house; the possibilities are endless and are only bound by your own imagination and unfortunately, your budget. However, in the realm of home theater design, the wide array of alternatives from which we have to choose can certainly make the process a bit unwieldy at almost every stage of the project. This ultimately leads us all to the same, million dollar (perhaps not quite that expensive) question: which design elements are right for me?

This is the question that we intend to help you answer (and in some cases, provide you with the answer) as you build the media room of your dreams. Your design concept is important to us and we want to help you see it come to fruition!

Our goals? Our commitment to you? From A-Z, we'll attempt to cover every imaginable topic related to home theatre. We want to give you information at both a high-level in addition to the step-by-step processes and tools needed to accomplish a wide range of home theater design techniques. We want to help you understand how the choices you'll be making as part of the process of designing your home entertainment venue are interdependent. For example, you may not realize that design elements such as room size, seating, screen size, and projector throw distance are all related to one another and are important if your goal is to build a custom, premium movie theater. Some of the topics you'll find on our site include:

We desire to appeal to all levels of enthusiasts, whether your information needs are basic or advanced or even unconventional. Just as important, we want to you to have expedient access to this information, as well. Which leads me to ask you this question…

How difficult has it been for you to locate information about home theater design – and find information that meets your needs? Experience tells us that we’ve spent too many hours searching through countless websites and forums or sifting through books or periodicals in a store or library. It simply should not be that way! This site is born out of the frustration I have had building my own personal knowledge about various home theatre design elements on the web, reading print materials such as magazines, and through networking with professionals.

To complicate matters, the face and landscape of home theater design continues to be very dynamic. Like computers, new technology is emerging at a faster pace which requires us to spend more time just to stay on top of things. New buzzwords to learn and more technical details sift through. While that's ultimately good for us all in the grand scheme of things, most of us simply don't have the time to stay apprised of everything while balancing the demands of life each day.

Our promise to you is to deliver the rudiments of custom home theater design as well as value-added information in a way that others have failed to do so. We will present information to you in a clear, concise, and logical manner. First and foremost, we will distill and provide you with the pertinent information you need, weeding through all of the fluff and toning down the jargon inherent in home theater vernacular. Ultimately, we want this site to be the definitive guide to all of your learning needs.

Please continue to check back with us as we continue to roll out the red carpet! We make regular updates to this site, so please bookmark us as we create your comprehensive, exhaustive guide to home theater design!

Thank you for visiting Your Home Theater Design!